NBCpro Website Design Review

Megan studio
I really liked the work done! Promptly and qualitatively made my site, quickly made my corrections, I am very happy with the appearance of my site, as I am a designer, I rated their work for 5+! You good fellows, thank you !!

Senchuk Jeanne
At some point, it came to me that, first, it was time to expand the scope of professional activity, secondly, to keep up with the times, thirdly, to be close to clients, even outside the office and outside the access area.
And for this you just need a personal site of a psychologist. And while I was thinking of who to ask for help, the answer came myself. Julia wrote to me and offered the services of ALEX-STUDIO. I just trusted the sensations and accepted the offer.
Just a few days later we met in the office and started cooperation on a joint project called «The site of psychologist Zhanna Senchuk»
For me, the following were valuable in our cooperation:
— ability to listen and hear the client, take into account the specifics of his professional sphere and the personality of the specialist;
— reasonable price-quality ratio;
— accuracy and punctuality in work;
— respect for someone else’s time and opinion;
— training and further support in the event of technical issues;
— comfort and openness in communication.
I believe that my site is functional, easy to use, nice to design. He has «his own face and character.»
The guys are highly professional specialists of their business, creative, and at the same time subtly feeling the customer. This is extremely valuable to me.
I am forever grateful to Alex, Julia, Hilarion (design developer) and little Julik, who inspired me with his stories and drawings.
I wholeheartedly recommend ALEX-STUDIO, because I know from my own experience — the results will exceed your expectations!

The site is excellent, very satisfied, the management is very easy, I didn’t even think to do it. Alex-studio — time-tested people!

Brunov Production
To say that I am pleased to say nothing. The site was made promptly and qualitatively. Exactly as I imagined him when I only intended to do it. THANK YOU GUYS YOU PROFIT !!!!!

I want to thank ALEX_STUDIO. I am very glad that I entrusted the development of the site of the floristic company to Alexey. The site lived up to my best expectations, and the collaboration was very enjoyable and the development and add-on issues were resolved instantly. I advise ALEX-STUDIO to anyone who is interested in a bona fide approach to work, who needs to create an attractive, competitive and concise website quickly and efficiently.

Lawyer Gavrilova SV
Team of lawyer Gavrilova SV expresses huge gratitude for creating the site Alex-studio has a qualitatively and quickly developed design, from a marketing point of view the structure of the site is correctly defined, which allows our business to grow successfully, attracting more and more new clients. Thanks to the prompt work of Alexey, changes and adjustments to the site are made, which are very important for its promotion and improvement. Cooperation with Alexey allows us to be confident in the competitiveness of our site in the market of legal services. Thank you so much Alexei!
Very convenient and very pleasant conditions for business, as I encountered it for the first time, was very pleased with the quality approach of the company to the client. The site was made on time, very convenient and easy to use! Many thanks to the Alex studio team.

thank you to your team for your excellent work, you are responsible, you know your job well and you do it well! I enjoy working with you, and plus a special thank you for your sociability and patience!)
Great and charming, thank you very much Alex Studio team)

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