Landing Page: the ability to sell here and at a time

By contacting us at Alex Studio for Landing Page, you are making a serious investment in your business!

We don't just make prototypes and program, we know how to make a Landing that will sell and that visitors won't be able to get away from. We create unique Lands, functional and unlike the template solutions you have seen before. Although if you need a simple, unpretentious, and inexpensive tool to test your marketing hypotheses, we'll create the same landing page for you. Try it!

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What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page — a page that in a few minutes will reveal to users all the benefits of your service or product. Such a page is necessary if you are conducting an action, launching a new product or service on the market, or offering your audience something special. The landing page deals with the facts, figures and benefits of the product. It is created using psychological triggers, such as guarantees, reviews, discounts and promotions.

The main task of the landing is to convince the client that he has found exactly what he needs. With the help of selling text and a spectacular image, interest in the product is evoked. Gradually, interest is heated until the visitor sees a call to action and the very opportunity to leave an email, phone or go directly to the order form. The more expensive the product, the longer the Landing Page, because you need more arguments to make a decision.

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The main idea

Based on an analysis of your goals, we develop Landing for a specific product. In addition to development, we are engaged in its visual and textual design and introduce forms of capture, through which the user can order a call back or buy the product immediately.


Proper visual presentation of the Landing Page simplifies user perception and increases conversions. It emphasizes the benefits of the purchase, emphasizes the benefits of the product. But it does not attract all the attention. The best web page design is one that does not catch your eye.


As soon as the landing page is developed, we check for errors, load speed, optimize and "comb" all the elements.


Immediately after launch, the page is ready to receive your customers. And we always stay in touch with you, providing uninterrupted and long-term technical support.

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